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The first case assigned to the Cold Case Cowboys was the 28 year old murder of Benny Lee King. Benny and his crime partner, Kenneth Nail had been arrested in December of 1974 for a home-invasion robbery and rape. King was bailed out by his Grandmother but disappeared. Shortly thereafter, In February of 1975 Benny King was shotgunned to death, then left in the forested Callahan Mountains just East of Roseburg, OR. However, his remains were not found for 23 more years. Then in 1998, 3 people discovered them while hunting/picking mushrooms. The case was assigned to the Cold Case Cowboys in January of 2003 and in May of 2003 the case was solved and resulted in the arrest and conviction of Carlos Tinker.

Details of this case and our investigation were the subject of a Kurtis Production's "Cold Case Files" show, episode # 69, on A&E that first aired on August 17th, 2004.

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