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The name, CCC, came primarily as the result of how we dressed: Wrangler jeans, western shirts and cowboy hats and boots.  This was no doubt influenced in part by our collective backgrounds. Syd was part of a rodeo ropping team.  Tom rode in Pony Express reinactments, Lee once owned a country bar and Al,... well, Al is a retired Police Chief and only wore city clothes.   We believe the name CCC also fit because it reflected our love of the American Cowboy persona; good over evil, there is a right and wrong, and our love of God, family, community and country.  As the CCS, dubbed the Cold Case Cowboys we solved 3 cold cases within our first 3 years of working together.  This brought us allot of local attention, but then we hit the front page of the L.A. Times, nation wide, and that created a real firestorm of media attention; from news organizations, print media, radio, TV news magazines and even Hollywood.  It was quite a ride.


We have inspired and helped with the formation of several similar volunteer squads throughout the country. We offer a workshop to any other law enforcement agency that is interested in forming their own. More information can be found under workshops.

Then, in 2009, it became necessary to disassociate the name Cold Case Cowboys from the Cold Case Squad of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.  However, 3 of our members still proudly serve on the active CCS of the DCSO

Because of our success and unique "make-up", (volunteer retired police officers), we have been the subject of a great deal of media attention. We have been pictorially featured on the front page of The News Review (Roseburg, OR) 5-6 times and appeared as a story in the paper 10 times. Some of the stories have been picked up by the wire services and re-printed in papers all over the country. On January 29,2004, we were on the front page of the LA Times. This created a firestorm of national interest in our squad. Since then we have appeared in numerous TV interviews and were aired nationally on Fox News. We have also granted radio interviews in 2 foreign countries, Canada and England. A&E's "Cold Case Files" has filmed a program about our first case which has now aired several times since July, 2004. Our appearance on NBC's "Dateline" with Stone Phillips, filmed here in Roseburg, OR, aired on January 29, 2006. All of this has been a little overwhelming, but if it helps get our message out to any other agencies that may want to form their own voluntary cold case squad, then it has served a useful purpose.


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